Lake houses make for a wonderful place to start a family or retire with your loved ones. But the design process that goes into building a lake house is multifaceted and demanding. There are many things you’ll need to especially consider for a property of this type. Here are some ideas to help you get started with designing your dream lake house.


Take Advantage of the Water

Surprisingly, a lot of people miss the point of having a waterfront property. Lake houses are an expensive type of property, so you should make it a point to take advantage of its unique qualities. Consider how much space you have and check the local zoning regulations for the maximum allowed pier/dock. Next, consider the topography of the property. Keep in mind that flat lots are flat below the water surface as well, which means that the dock/pier will have a shallower depth.


Have the Entrance of the House Facing the Lake

Emphasize the fact that your house is in front of a lake by having the doors face it. This highlights the pier appeal. Make the lake-side entrance your main doorway and its porch as the terrace. The lake-side of the house should also feature the most important and most used facilities, such as the kitchen, dining area, and master bedroom. Make the windows as expansive as possible so you can take advantage of the property’s breathtaking view.


Include Plenty of Bedrooms

Owning a lake house means having a lot of guests all year round. You’ll rediscover long-lost relations with relatives, high school friends, and work colleagues who want to spend the weekend by the lake. Make sure you have plenty of sleeping space to accommodate the high traffic of guests. On the same note, avoid focusing too much on each room’s features. Bedrooms should only fulfill the need for sleep as its occupants will likely be too busy exploring the lake and enjoying waterfront activities.


The design of a lake house should centralize around making the property’s waterfront qualities more apparent and functional. Keep in mind, however, that a lake house is relatively more expensive than your city or suburb home, so make sure you are financially prepared to fund the project.