When it comes to choosing the best flooring for your kitchen, you’ll need something that’s durable and waterproof. These are the top options that will last through the year.

If you’ve ever been to a gathering, you likely noticed that the kitchen was the center of the home. It’s where everyone congregates, and it’s often exposed to dirt, moisture, and spills. The best kitchen flooring should be water-friendly and durable.

In addition to price, other factors, such as special considerations, should also be considered when it comes to choosing the right flooring for your kitchen. Here are a few flooring options to consider.


For centuries, homeowners have been choosing solid hardwood floors as their preferred type of flooring. This type of material is water-resistant, warm, and stylish. Unfortunately, it can also be damaged over time due to exposure to moisture.

Although spills should be cleaned immediately, they can still take a lot of exposure compared to engineered or laminate hardwood floors.

Despite its weakness, solid hardwood floors are still great for kitchen flooring. They can be used to add a variety of looks to the home or provide a standalone pizazz. Although they can be slippery, certain design factors, such as hand-finished or distressed finishes, can help prevent them from sliding. 


Like hardwood floors, laminates are also a good choice for kitchen flooring due to their water-resistant qualities. However, this type of material is not waterproof, so homeowners should be aware of this when choosing it.

Due to the increasing number of manufacturers offering waterproof laminates, this type of material has gained a reputation for being more stable and resilient.

New laminates are also more flexible than their predecessors. They can be installed either as a floating or permanently attached floor. In 2023, look for lighter finishes that are similar to hardwood. Some of these include gray washes, mixed colors, and light woods. Long plank lengths will also be a trend for wood and laminate flooring.

Ceramic or Porcelain

One of the most popular types of kitchen flooring is ceramic tiles. These are made from natural materials such as clay and are typically available in a wide range of colors and patterns. 

Although ceramic tiles can handle various spills and accidental splatters, they can also stain grout. This is why it’s important that these items are cleaned as soon as possible.

Most ceramic tiles are made from a harder material than standard ceramics, making them more waterproof. Due to their durability, these tiles can also be slippery in certain applications. To avoid this, homeowners should opt for products with non-slip features such as texture or patterns.