Today’s homes often differ from homes of the past in terms of style and construction. Most people are now using certain features to enhance the exterior of their homes, adding to their aesthetic and even monetary value. Below are some of the most popular features they are choosing.


Both curved and straight-line exteriors are becoming increasingly popular choices for the outside of one’s home. Using curved lines is nothing new, as this is a trend that began during the 1990s. It is still going strong in the 2020s, mainly due to the fact that curved lines bring continuity to the exterior of any home. At the same time, they convey a smooth finish that is visually appealing to many people.


The smooth finish of the curved line exteriors makes port windows the ideal choice for homeowners who want something different. It is also conducive to having round doors and windows. Those who want to have a spacious deck or balcony often find that a curved line exterior is a better choice than a straight-lined exterior.


However, some homeowners prefer the look of a straight-lined exterior, as it gives their house a classic feel. This is the most efficient design for the exterior of a home and one that conveys a sense of creativity by the homeowner.


While many prefer either a curved or straight line exterior, others strive for the right balance between the two. Doing so combines a feeling of luxury with a sense of sophistication on the homeowner’s part.


Joining the inside of one’s home with the outside is also becoming increasingly common. Today’s houses often feature floor to ceiling windows previously only seen in commercial buildings. These expanded windows blur the lines between indoors and outdoors by flooding the home with natural sunlight. Seamless doors complete the merging of indoor and outdoor spaces in a way not previously seen. In some cases, homeowners even have the ability to add a rooftop deck to make the most of their home’s exterior.


Even when that can’t be done, landscaping is often designed to help bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors. An effective landscaping plan means that homes convey a cozier feeling. Using open space to one’s advantage is a new priority for homeowners.