Knowing the style of a home is important for various reasons. Not only will you gain a greater appreciation for the design and structure of a home, but it can also help you develop a successful plan when it comes to remodeling or updating your home. Home designers and builders also must possess a working knowledge of home styles so they can appeal to their clients. Each style has key features and a rich history that help define it.

With so many variations of home styles, I’ve compiled a list of a few of the most popular styles of homes on the market. This will give you a deeper look into choosing your favorite style if you’re looking to buy or build a home.


The Colonial

Colonial architecture is most prominently characterized by multiple stories, evenly spaced shuttered windows, fireplaces, and wood or brick facades. The first wave of Colonial style homes began between 1800 and 1945. The traditional floor plan features a kitchen and family room on the main level and the bedrooms on the second level.


The Victorian

Thank Queen Victoria for this Industrial Revolutionary style home. With romantic details rich in color and texture, pitched roofs, patterned shingles, covered porches, and bay windows, this beautiful complex style boasts a tremendous amount of history in its design elements.


The Cape Cod

The cape cod home can often be found in eastern coastal areas. They date back to the 1600s and feature one or two stories, wood siding, multi-pane windows, and a steep roof. The classic rectangular shape makes this style of home stand out.


A Tudor-Style Home

Originating in England, the tudor-style home is highly recognizable by its steeply pitched multi-gabled roof and half-timber framing. They were built in established neighborhoods during the 20th century and are often found both in the Midwest and along the East Coast.


The Craftsman

The craftsman style home has a major emphasis on natural materials such as wood, stone, and brick. They often have wide porches and low-pitched roofs with a wide overhang. They were very popular in the early 1900s and have recently made a comeback.


A few other very popular home styles include the Mediterranean, Ranch, Contemporary and Mid-Century Modern styles.