In most cases, individuals who watch shows centered around homes tend to grow an interest in design and renovations. The more content you watch surrounding this topic, the more you learn about buying a property overseas, home renovations, and even hiring a contractor. This is the natural result of watching a show on HGTV. If you’re a fan of real estate and home design, the following shows on this popular channel will make for a great binge-watch.

Good Bones

Good Bones is a feel-good show about a mother and daughter duo who renovate and sell properties that are in need of a lot of TLC. It’s hard not to be drawn in by their dynamic approach to making these homes the best in their neighborhoods. The goal of the show is to restore these homes and bring back their initial charm. Instead of building new constructions and demolishing them, the pair renovates these old houses to reflect on the good bones they were built on.

Property Brothers

The stars of this show are Drew and Jonathan Scott, who are known for their passion for making homes the best they can be. This is a TV series that focuses on helping couples find properties and renovate them to fit their ideal vision. The buyers pay a lot of money upfront for these types of projects but are always delighted at the work that the Property Brothers have been able to accomplish.

House Hunters Renovation

In this exciting show, homebuyers are given three properties that need serious work, and they decide to transform one of them into their dream home or wreck their potential. You’ll witness couples who are planning on renovating their home and complaining about how much work it will take. The show follows the same format as House Hunters, with the exception of the homes being fixer uppers.

My Lottery Dream House

After winning the lottery, many people spend this new money on a new home. This show is very intriguing, as it allows viewers to get a glimpse into the lives of people who live in luxury homes. It can even give some design inspiration for those who want to mimic this style in their own homes, even if the home in no way qualifies as “luxury.”

As with any home design show, viewers are bound to gain some inspiration from these televised programs. Although your home renovations might have more of a budget attached, it is not impossible to mimic these styles.