For most people, their home is their sanctuary. This means that keeping up with the latest trends in home design keeps people living in the moment. For 2020, there are certain home design trends that everyone is following.


One of the biggest trends for the year is smart homes. Those who are technologically inclined to do so are transforming their house into a digital wonderland. It starts with the ability to control conditions such as lighting, music, room temperature, shading and, even home security alarms from one’s smartphone or tablet. In most cases, these digital improvements aren’t even noticeable in the house. And for most homeowners, they even result in saving money on utilities as lights, heating, and air conditioning can be turned off and on even if one isn’t home when they do it.


Another trend gaining popularity in 2020 is a home with less clearly defined rooms. An open layout can make even the smallest home feel larger. Certain building materials are used that provide a natural flow from one space to the next. For example, a kitchen and living room used to be separated by a wall in most homes. An open layout eliminates the need for the separation wall and facilitates communicating with someone even if they are in the next room. This can also be done to join the living room with a bedroom or even a terrace. Decorating rooms consistently can also bring more natural light into a home.


This year’s trends call for homes to be designed with more fluidity. For that reason, many homeowners are now choosing to cover their floor and walls with the same tiles. As a result, homeowners have more flexibility in their decor than ever before. The consistent use of matching tiles allows one to achieve walls and floors that appear to be made of polished cement or even high-quality wood. There are several colors and textures of tile that can be used to create a unique style in one’s home.


With so many choices available today, homeowners can combine multiple materials and shapes to personalize their home decor and add to its visual appeal. These are just some of the home design trends that are taking off in 2020.