Depending on the size of the project, a professional may charge around $3 to $4 for each square foot of hardwood floor. This can be costly, especially for a 2,000-square-foot home. A home can be completed in four days, costing around $700. Follow these steps to ensure that your hardwood floors are professionally treated.

Prep the Room

Before you start the project, remove all of your furniture and decorations. Ensure that the electrical boxes and vents are covered with painter’s tape. If you’re only doing one room, use plastic sheeting to seal the doors. Use a pry bar to remove the base molding.

Patch and Repair

Use a spackle knife and wood filler if the floor is cracked or has larger holes. If it’s heavily damaged, use a trowel or a thinner wood filler, which will spread and cover large areas. Use the wood patch on the affected areas if the floors are less damaged. Before starting the project, ensure the floor is thoroughly clean. 

Sand the Floor

You’ll use a drum sander for sanding the floor. It can be hard to control, and it can also damage your floors if you misuse it. Before using the device, ask for a quick tutorial and some pointers. After you’ve practiced using the drum sander on a large sheet of plywood, start moving slowly and engage the motor before you stop. 


Removing minor sand marks will give your hardwood floor a smooth finish. Although some rent a floor buffer, a pole sander is a better choice due to its ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Position a 120-grit sandpaper screen on each board and buff the floor with the grain moving back and forth.

Prep for Sealer

Ensure the room and floor are clean, as debris or sand can affect the finish. Wipe down walls to prevent dust from falling off as your foundation is drying. You can then use a shop vacuum with the brush head to thoroughly clean the floor. After that, apply a sticky tack cloth for the additional dirt removal.

Seal the Floor

If the stain has already dried, then seal the floor. This will protect it from water damage and scratches, giving it a beautiful and shiny finish.