Architecture has continued to evolve over time. From the sturdy gothic designs of medieval times to the modern-day emphasis on the inclusion of glass, designs are constantly changing to suit the needs of the societies that buildings serve. Historic homes have designs that were inspired by views of the past that may no longer be around to enjoy. It can be hard to incorporate modern designs into homes that are from a different time in history. However, there are several ways that people can integrate new designs with the traditional styling offered by historic homes.


Developing Lines

It is important for designers to retain the lines and structures provided by historic home designs. Rather than create new structures for the homes, designers can accent the existing lines that the homes have. A method that designers can use to complement the existing lines of a home is designing clean lines. Clean and straight lines are able to add contrast to a home and its existing style.


Keep Fixtures

Renovations tend to focus on removing the existing qualities of a home in favor of newer ones. Designers can find ways to repurpose old fixtures that may not have the same usages that they once had. Developing a home around the existing fixtures allows designers to retain the fixtures while adding a variety of modern touches.


Accent Lighting

Historic homes usually have their own elegant lighting. In order to keep the lighting intact, designers can add furniture and designs that accentuate the existing lighting. Choosing pieces that complement the light designs will give the home a modern look while retaining the traditional style of the home.



The flooring that a designer uses can blend with the traditional structures of a historic home. A modern floor design should blend with the existing walls and ceiling structures of a home. Patterned rugs can be used to create a sense of harmony between the floor and the surrounding walls.



The exterior of a home is the first view that people have of the home. With historic homes, most owners want to make the exterior look as historic as possible while adding refreshments to the look. Choosing exterior furnishings that blend into the design will work very well for historic homes.