Providing more storage without taking up a lot of space takes creative thinking. Especially in smaller homes, you need to fill in gaps without cutting in on what movement area you have.

Here are a few storage options to help you decorate or design your home with useful, multi-purpose, sometimes-hidden storage.

Low-Profile Boxes And Drawers

Whether you’re just moving to a new home or setting up bulk storage, totes and containers of all types are an easy way to deliver accessible storage.

The problem with most totes is that they’re large, unwieldy, and not aesthetically charming. Unless some sort of warehouse-chic overtakes modern mindsets, more than a couple of storage trunks—no matter how well-decorated—will make your home look like a hoarder’s haven.

Instead of trying to integrate bulky containers into your aesthetic design, try to find boxes that are long and slim and can match the shape of your tables and cabinets. Clear-colored containers are best because they can complement anything while being fairly affordable compared to tinted containers. If you need to choose tinted options, be sure to consider your color contrast options for each room.

Home Office Design for Casual Living

Working from home is becoming the norm. It’s not easy to get by with just a laptop on the sofa or your bed, and many professionals need small offices in their home to be productive.

The basic home office design is based on the study, which has traditionally acted as a place to handle paperwork or academic endeavors. The core concept is to have a desk that allows your arms to rest at a comfortable level with enough room for desk work, enough storage for immediate tasks, and a place to comfortably place a chair.

Computers are the norm, and even with smartphones in every pocket, the need for a full keyboard and monitor is far from gone. One way to add storage to your home is to create multiple computer-capable storage centers in different rooms while filling the storage with whatever you need.


In the living room, a corner desk can house a family computer or any social electronics. Desks with storage can hold cables and peripherals for entertainment systems, and chairs stationed at the desk can be pulled out for extra guests anywhere in the living room. Furniture that is multi-purpose seems to be essential for the future of optimized living spaces.

Guest bedrooms are easily augmented with desk storage since many bedrooms often keep computers for personal productivity. Sometimes the bedroom is used as the home office, especially if the home isn’t large enough for a study and privacy is needed.

Guest desks can be loaded with travel essentials, reading materials, spare charging cables for mobile devices, and lovely notes for your guests. The utility of a desk’s surface can give guests a place to catch up on work, look up local events, or do anything else while maintaining comfortable, good posture away from the bed.


There are many ways to complement rooms with storage or hide the storage completely. Speak with a home decor professional to learn more about your discrete storage options.