It can be tough to stay updated on the newest interior design trends. We spoke with some of our favorite architects and designers to know what’s in this year. We have the latest and greatest design trends for you.


Floral Wallpaper


Floral patterns are popular this year for wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper is back in. It’s easier than paint, and it gives the room a unique personality. Floral wallpaper can brighten your room with beautiful blooms.


Environmentally-Friendly Fireplace


Environmentally friendly fireplaces have become increasingly popular. These are easy to install and don’t need any ventilation. These are more for show than for warming up a room. They are easily used with built-in furniture. Many of these fireplaces are decorative, so they can be used anywhere in the room.


Bold Monochromatic


Deep colors like kelly green and cobalt blue are popular this year. They evoke feelings and have a personality of their own. Your room doesn’t need to be pale to make an impact. These bold monochromatic colors give a room a boost.


Layer Old And New


You don’t have to have all new or all vintage things in each room. Make a room livable, yet stylish by mixing old and new purchases. Go for a few antiques to tell the story of who you are, then mix it with newer statement pieces to give the room an elegant flow.


Earth Tones


Cool tones are out. It’s all about the deeper, darker colors that bring feeling to the room. Shades of olive green, chocolate brown, and wine red bring a feeling of warmth to a room. You can use natural colors like these for your furniture pieces or even some of the walls.


Performance Fabric


It’s important to live in your house, not just look at it. Rooms can be fully functional with performance fabric. You don’t have to worry about spilling a little food on the couch or the kids getting market on a chair if you have performance fabrics. You can maintain a fashionable, functional room.


Rattan And Wicker


Rattan/Wicker is a great way to decorate a home. Chairs and tables made of these bring warmth and comfort to a room. It balances tradition with modern style.