The days of plain, white, boring bathrooms are over. Modern trends dictate that the bathroom is now one of the most stylish rooms in the house.


In general, bathrooms are small. However, thanks to modern trends, it is easy to make them appear larger than they are. Placing an oversized mirror in a bathroom adds a sense of depth that makes the room feel less stifling and more relaxing.


When it comes to the mood of the bathroom, using a neutral palette will contribute to a contemporary aesthetic. 2019 trends call for monochromatic decor. This can be achieved by using the same material or the same color throughout the room. The addition of classic tile completes the decor.


On the other hand, those that don’t find a monochrome bathroom appealing may choose to turn the room all black. This darkness can make any bathroom feel more luxurious, as is evidenced by bathrooms in a typical spa setting.


A bathroom with an impressive view can also affect the style of the room. A new trend is to place a vanity directly under the window. Aside from the fact that this shines more natural light on the vanity, it is a great way to enjoy nature while one is getting ready for the day ahead. In addition, those with vanities under the window may choose to hang a mirror from the ceiling. This adds to the functionality of the vanity and can help transform any bathroom.


Another of this year’s bathroom decor trends is hanging pieces of art on the walls that make a statement. This becomes the focal point of the room and can help people focus on the beauty surrounding them.


For a touch of elegance, many bathrooms are now being redone to include a white and grey marble theme. As a timeless and classic style, this decor choice keeps the bathroom feeling luxurious. It includes tiles made of porcelain and quartz, which present a simple yet luxurious appearance. Using white and grey marble in the bathroom can also increase the resale price of the home.


How you choose to design or decorate your bathroom is up to you, but keeping these trends in mind can help ensure the room adds value to your home.