The qualities of modern home design are popular for a number of reasons. From the aesthetic value to the optimized functionality, modern home design has dominated the market when it comes to building, designing, and remodeling homes. The living room of a home is often considered the centerpiece as it tends to be the largest space geared for the most foot traffic. As such, a modern living room is essential for the contemporary homeowner. Below are a few things to consider when looking to make your living room modern.


Floor Plan

As with most modern home designs, the modern living room tends to have an open floor plan. Modern living rooms are typically connected to the kitchen and/or dining room with few walls separating them. This design allows them to feel more open, spacious, and bright. For the heart of your home, an open floor plan is often the first step in making your living room modern.


Seating Plan

If you are designing and building your home, crafting a seating plan when designing the living room can make your work easier. Another key facet of the modern design is the collaboration of form and function. Seating is an area in which this collaboration comes into play. A common concern with homebuyers regards sufficient seating; creating a seating plan to account for space, number of seats available, and overall design of the room can help reduce stress and maximize your space.



Modern home design tends to rely on minimalist elements, and this should be considered when designing or decorating a modern living room. From wall colors to room shape, minimalism can help keep designs streamlined and efficient without sacrificing aesthetic value. White walls are common in modern living rooms, but you can include accent colors and designs to make the room feel more dynamic. Minimalism in home design simply reduces clutter and heightens creativity when it comes to decorating.


Modern Fireplace

A popular choice for modern living rooms is a unique fireplace. A modern fireplace adds value to a home, and it also can be functional depending on the location and climate of the home. Adding a fireplace to your modern living room can create a cozy but chic atmosphere, and the fireplace itself can serve as a decorative piece that brings the room together.