Depending on the room, the amount of natural light, and the space available, choosing your lighting fixtures can be a challenge. When selecting lighting fixtures, you should consider a number of factors including the amount of light you want to be produced, the intensity of the light produced, and more. Consider the following trends in lighting fixtures to choose the best options for your modern home.


Hanging Lights

For kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms, overhead lights remain popular choices for their broad coverage and lack of occupied space. Kitchens have seen a rise in popularity with clear bulbs, globe lights, and geometric chandeliers. These simple but attractive options are designed to produce a significant amount of unimpeded light while appearing chic.

In other spaces, modern retro or refined industrial lighting fixtures are becoming more popular; with the return of industrial pieces, we see an influx of metallic pieces that are more artistic than their retro predecessors.


Sculptural Lighting

Like the refined industrial trend, sculptural lighting hinges on its artistry. More experimental pieces are emerging on the markets; their function as lighting fixtures has not been forgotten, but designers are embracing the idea that functionality does not need to take complete precedence over form and that the two can exist simultaneously. Sculptural lighting makes the fixtures pieces of decor without sacrificing their actual purpose, and these pieces are especially popular in gathering spaces like living rooms.


Indirect Lighting

Though not effective in illuminating an entire room, indirect lighting is becoming more popular when it comes to creating ambience and lowering the electric bill. With LED lights becoming more affordable, they are a good choice for kitchen counters or bathrooms; lighting up the area beneath cabinets, up-lighting a wall, or glowing behind a mirror makes for an attractive sight, especially at night.. Over time LED lights are more cost-effective options, and by providing more efficient lighting, LEDs make a good investment.


This list of modern lighting fixtures is not an exhaustive one, but the trends described above are sure to remain popular choices for home designers and homeowners. When it comes to choosing lighting options for your home, it is important to consider the needs of your living space in addition to the benefits of trending options.