One of the aspects of a home that attracts the human eye is the windows. Certain styles are popular in modern houses. These styles include the classic sash window which features two vertical panels. Invented by the English, this simple window style allows for the bottom half to be opened while the top half remains closed at all times.


One variation on this style is the sliding sash window. There are two sashes to the window, both of which are horizontal. A track lies at the bottom of the window, with one sash sliding to the left and one sliding to the right. This design of window is commonly seen above kitchen sinks and counters.


An awning window is another popular style for today’s homes. Its vertical mounting means that the windows open out as opposed to in. In smaller homes especially, awning windows are used to help bring air into a room while still keeping debris out of it. In addition, it allows those in the house to leave the window open while it is raining without fear of letting water into the house.


Though bay windows are more popular today than ever before, they date back to the English Renaissance where they were used in castles. In modern homes, they help bring more sunlight into the room. The way bay windows are shaped means that they help light a room from dawn to dusk.


Similar to the bay window is the bow window. A bow is more curved than a bay and needs several glass panels. This window style is used in some modern homes, but in Belgium, it is often used in hotels.


The palladium window is also a style associated with the Renaissance. It consists of one large panel that has a small panel on each side of the window. The arched top of the window makes it a distinct style that many homeowners love.


Unlike most other windows, fixed windows can’t be opened. Yet they are still popular in some parts of the world. This style of window is the easiest to customize. They are used on exterior walls and even over doorways, helping bring light into the foyer of the house.