There are a variety of reasons why home renovations and repairs can be hard for people. For some, it’s the uncertainty of what will happen to their house, and for others, it’s the desire to try out the project on their own. In either case, watching a video that teaches you how to fix up your house is often one of the best ways to learn. YouTube in particular features plenty of awesome home improvement videos that can help you out. These videos often show a realistic view of what it’s like to renovate a home. Whether you’re looking to learn more about different techniques or inspiration, here are a few of the best home improvement channels on YouTube.

Ask The Builder

Tim Carter, who has been a popular home renovation expert for several years, has a YouTube channel that he uses to answer questions and provide advice. Similar to his blog, he gives his own advice in fast-paced videos that are filled with helpful information. He also covers various topics such as if you should even try certain projects on your own or hire someone more experienced. You’ll also occasionally get recommendations on the types of materials and techniques to use, so you can make more informed decisions with your home improvement projects.

This Old House

The This Old House team has created a variety of videos that are designed to provide helpful information on various home improvement topics. They’re also frequently updated with new videos that are filled with interesting and entertaining examples, as well as commonly asked questions from their viewers. Each of their videos is relatively short and tends to cover multiple topics, making them rather easy to follow.

I Built It Home Improvements

The channel I Built It Home Improvements focuses on a 1953 bungalow renovation. It shows a variety of different aspects of a home renovation, and it’s a good way for people who are interested in learning more about a particular project to get an accurate representation of what a full renovation might look like. The channel tries to take you through the entire process of remodeling a home and is a great option for those who want to get an in-depth look at what can sometimes seem like a monumental task.

House Improvements

If you’re looking for videos that are straightforward and easy to follow, look no further than the House Improvements channel. This channel covers a variety of topics related to home renovations, and it features expert advice and a realistic look at the various parts of a project. Each video is broken down into small segments so that they can provide a good overview of the project.