When building or buying a home, assessing the features in regards to your needs and values can influence your decision. While style may not seem like a priority to some homebuyers, modern homes are considered desirable, not just because of their aesthetic but because of how these design elements benefit the overall atmosphere and construction. Below are a few key features of modern or contemporary homes.



Though a minimalist approach to interior design may be becoming more popular among various demographics, a minimalistic attitude towards construction is also gaining traction. From elements like staircases and doorframes to flooring and room shape, modern builders are taking a minimalist approach, limiting excessive design elements and shifting more toward functionality. In some ways, a minimalistic construction allows for more creativity from a homebuyer or interior designer; fewer frills in the actual build of a home provides a platform on which other individuals can build.


Open Floor Plans

With a focus on open space and continuous walls, modern homes tend to be built on the foundation of an open floor plan. These designs utilize minimal walls to connect rooms like the kitchen, dining room, and living room (the conglomeration often referred to as the “great room”). While multiple rooms may be connected with this construction, separations may be facilitated through varying floor heights, complementary or contrasting color schemes, and diverse lighting. This versatile home model can provide a better environment for social gatherings and enables easy reconfiguration of furniture.


Large Windows

Modern home designs tend to orient toward more natural light. Because of this desire to better utilize the outdoor environment and available sunlight, many modern homes feature oversized windows. Though not all contemporary constructions incorporate floor-to-ceiling windows, nearly all modern homes include large windows and sliding glass doors.


Unconventional Roofs

Traditionally, homes feature slanted roofs; these primarily grant the home additional space and height, and they allow rainwater to easily drain. However, many modern rooms incorporate deliberately inconsistent roofing styles. Among these, flat roofs tend to be most popular. Though flat roofs come with their own challenges, their design is used to highlight the construction of the home. Varying roofing selections with materials, styles, and more allows home builders to display the complexity of their design.


Modern homes appeal to a wide audience because of their functionality as well as their unique aesthetic. Though there are other commonalities between modern home designs, the four qualities listed above are arguably among the most popular.