When you have the opportunity to design your own home, there is often an unprecedented freedom to include unique features that will make your new home truly special. Naturally, you will need to consider any budgetary restraints you have before making any design requests or alterations, but if you have room in your budget, considering some unique features could improve the overall value and character of your home.


Higher Ceilings

High ceilings are absolutely worth splurging. Adding the illusion of more space while also granting a luxurious feel to your home, high ceilings (usually upwards of 8 feet high) can add dimension, character, and value to your home. In a similar fashion, you may consider opting for a deep pour basement; by having a deeper basement, you can give your lowest floor a higher ceiling. If you do decide on a deep pour basement, you will need to inform the building prior to any work being done to ensure the basement is dug deep enough.


Cabinet Lighting

Though this feature certainly adds aesthetic value, under-cabinet lighting can also aid in functionality, especially in a kitchen. There are some options for adding cabinet lighting after construction via adhesive strips, but you will have more customizable options if you decide on cabinet lighting before building your home.


Custom Shelving

Built-in shelving units can be a great addition to your home when it comes to unique appearances and storage space. With custom built-in shelving, you can easily make a shelving unit the focal point of a room by making it visually interesting, and in a living or media room, you can construct a media center that suits the space perfectly.


Hidden Rooms

For those who are interested in truly unique features, a hidden room may be worth considering. After all, you are the one responsible for the design of your home, so you should feel comfortable getting a little creative. Building a moveable bookcase, a folding staircase, or a secret door that leads to a separate room can give you a fun project to work on, and whether the room you’re hiding is a speakeasy, a movie theater, a library, or something else, including a hidden room in your home design will give you a conversation piece unlike any other.