Living in a small home is the reality for many individuals these days. Although the smaller home may be more ideal for convenience sense, for the home decor aficionado, it can feel restrictive. Living in a small house can be even more difficult for the decor junkie. The clutter starts piling up, and a small space can seem even more cramped. However, there are many simple ways to trick the eye into seeing a room as more significant than it is. 

Trick The Sight

There are many ways to trick the eye into making things look better. Although we always trust what we see, sight is often more about perception than objectivity. Here are a few simple ways you can alter the space:

  • Paint the woodwork, walls, and ceiling all the same color.
  • Place a large rug under the furniture instead of in the middle of the floor.
  • Leave the shelf space clear and remove clutter. Removing the clutter creates the presence of negative space that makes the area appear more than it is. 

Simple Is Key

When it comes to decorating, simple is key. Focus on a few pieces of simple furniture that isn’t flashy or too decorated. It’s a wise idea to stay away from bulky furniture that takes up too much space. Try to look for sofas or chairs with raised legs, that will provide more of the negative space effect that was previously mentioned.


It’s very easy to hold onto belongings that seem worthy to hang onto in the moment. Try to schedule a time to regularly de-clutter your area. Try to be objective about the things that you want to keep versus the things you need to keep. 

If you’re attempting to make a smaller space seem larger, it can be hard to rewire your brain. Try putting small habits into place, and the results will show.