The modern farmhouse style is one of the most popular styles of homes today. It’s the country and rustic, yet modern look. The various items like farm signs, brick walls, old windows, and/or pickling jars are just part of this neat design style.




The modern farmhouse style brings warmth to your home. When people enter, they feel as if they’re in a safe space. This is a space where they can live in a functional, yet stylish place.




This style is versatile so it easily mixes well with other styles. Whether you love the modern or industrial look, you can mix and match. Country inspiration doesn’t have to take over the entire look of the room with farmhouse styling.


Family Friendly


The finishes and materials of the farmhouse look give your room a family-friendly feel. The furniture looks rustic and vintage, which means you don’t have to worry about the kids chipping it. You have dull finishes on most of it that add extra character, so you aren’t worried about anyone messing it up.


Using Reclaimed Wood


One great thing about the farmhouse style is that you don’t need to invest millions of dollars to make it look good. By using reclaimed wood, you can create masterpieces for your rooms. You can add ceiling beams, accent furniture, and tables using reclaimed wood. You can paint clean white cabinets and walls to contrast the color. All of this provides a fresh, yet warm look.


Crisp Color Palette


The color palette of a farmhouse-styled home is classic, yet gorgeous. It’s crisp and fresh, and there aren’t any bright colors dancing off the walls. You can add original church pews and shiplap detailing. You can bring in galvanized metal boxes and glass vases. The modern farmhouse look is all about neutral colors with pops of vibrance to make your home feel warm and classic.


Use Original Accents


Farmhouse styling means you can find so many of the items lying around or at garage sales. Take a barn door and refinish it. Pick up an old window and make it into a beautiful piece of decor. All of the traditional beauty can be turned into art. It won’t feel stuffy either.